What to do under Corona rules at Oranjekerk workshops/seminars and milongas    
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Data Privacy    
Protocols and regulations from government, local government, health authorities, dance associations and church authorities      

The Anderhalvemeter Milonga
what to do at a corona compliant event


Do the health check, before you leave the house:

1 – Do you have any symptoms:

  • verkoudheid/cold like complaints
  • niezen/sneezing
  • hoesten/coughing
  • keelpijn/sore throat
  • moeilijk adenem/breathing difficulties
  • koorts/ fever (over 38C)
  • plotseling minder kunnen ruiken of proeven /sudden loss of sense of smell or taste

2 – Does anyone in your household or work group have any of these symptoms? OR are you part of any ongoing corona contact/tracing investigation?

If you answer yes to ANY part of either of these questions, please do not come to the workshop/milonga. If you have already been to a workshop/milonga with us and answer yes to any of these questions within 14 days AFTER please notify us asap via this form .  


Please enter one couple at a time in the ‘airlock’ between the glass doors, wait for them to open and close automatically! You can see through the glass doors if the corridor is free.  Use the hand gel. There is no reception at the milonga

Signing in

Please sign the Participants List for your attendance / presence upon arrival, to the right of the second door. Use the provided sanitizer before touching the pen. By signing the list you also affirm that you have done the health check (see above).


Payment in envelopes, marked with your name on the outside, exact change only. Separate envelope for the teacher (20 euro per pair) to be handed to the teacher. Separate envelope for milonga (18 euro per pair) to be deposited in a box upon arrival.


Fixed seating; every couple has one table and chairs. Please keep your own coats, shoes, bags, etc. with you at your table and chairs. No use of the wardrobe!


Fixed seating, couples together, 1,5 meter between couples.  Please don’t sit/stand closer than 1.5m to any other couples, even if you happen to be from the same bubble outside the milonga, we have to enforce distancing between all the dancers as a condition of holding an event.


Dancing with own fixed partner only. NO change of partners allowed. Keep distance of 1,5 meter to the pair in front of you and the pair behind you. Please keep the Ronda (1 lane only) and the Flow (no tricks in one place).


One person/couple being served, at the bar at a time, so please be prompt in your order/payment. Please wait at your table till the bar is free (or at least at safe distance ).


One person inside the toilet space at a time, ie only one person in mens, only one in womens. Clean after use, wipe door handles, flush buttons and tap.      


Terms and Conditions


Landlords and organisers need to register all participants in case of contact tracing by the GGD. Therefore registratation is unavoidable and obligatory.

  1. By Oranjekerk [Venue]
  2. By Oranjekerk Milonga [Organiser]


Data Privacy

As part of the COVID contact tracing protocol and the dansondernemers protocol, we are required to register dance partners, and to register attendance at every event.  We are only gathering dancers’ data for this purpose. Data gathered via this website will only be visible to website administrators and to staff such as teachers.  Data from this website will only be used :

  1. to ensure headcount management at a venue / time,
  2. as part of any contact tracing exercise following reported illness/exposure from a dancer,
  3. to inform you of any changes to an event at which you have registered.

We will not hold the data past the end of the COVID protocols. Data from this website will not be passed on to any other users, except those such as the public health agency that have legal authority over current dance / horeca / church building use activities.      

Protocols and regulations from government, local government, health authorities, dance associations and church authorities

Oranjekerk Milonga is organised subject to the following regulations:

1/ Dansondernemers Nederland

Website of the Dansondernemers Nederland which mentions in the Q&A section:

“Mag je tijdens een les van danspartner wisselen?
In principe dans je met één vaste danspartner; het wisselen van danspartner voor het sociale aspect is nog niet toegestaan.”

Can we change partners during a lesson?
In principle you stay with one fixed dance partner; ‘social’ changing is not yet allowed”

Dansprotocol 25 august 2020 (Document in PDF) van Dansondernemers Nederland

2/ Government

Nieuwsupdate June 24 th 2020

Amsterdam specific rules update Sept 18 2020

Website Veiligheidsregio Amsterdam Amstelland Noodverordening (Document in PDF) dd 15 juni 2020 Veiligheidsregio Amsterdam Amstelland

3/ Oranjekerk [Venue]

Regulations by PKN, Protestant(se) Kerk (Church) Nederland